Pachamama Alliance Luncheon

March 11, 2010 – 1:48 am

More than 1300 participants arrived to make this luncheon a spectacular one:

To watch a the full video, click here:

Rights for Nature: Following its groundbreaking success last year in
championing the inclusion of legal Rights for Nature in Ecuador’s new
Constitution, Pachamama, in partnership with the Community of Andean Nations,
has initiated a campaign to have Rights for Nature adopted into the legal
structures of the other Andean nations of Columbia, Peru and Bolivia.

Climate Change: Pachamama participated, and insured that indigenous voices
were involved, in a series of Amazonian regional workshops and international
conferences in Norway, Germany and Thailand in the lead-up to the UN Climate
Change Conference in Copenhagen this December.

Cross-Border Network: Pachamama hosted the first official meeting of the
Cross-Border Network, bringing together indigenous peoples whose territories
span the borders of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil to discuss complex
common issues of security and environmental protection.

Eco-Tourism: Pachamama provided training for the Achuar in financial and
natural resource management aspects of eco-tourism and the financial support for
the first group of Achuar students to complete a two-year university program in
eco-tourism management. These graduates will play key roles in the future
leadership of the Achuar’s award winning eco-tourism lodge, Kapawi.

Fish Farming: Pachamama supported the initiation and construction of fish farm
projects in 14 communities in Ecuador’s Amazon, promoting economic
development and food sovereignty for the region.

New Money Systems: In order to spur regional economic activity, Pachamama
launched a project in partnership with Ecuador’s largest national network of credit
co-operatives to build a local alternative exchange/money system, complementary
to the official US dollar.

Jungle Mamas: Pachamama completed the first phase of a training program on
maternal health, designed to ensure safe birthing and the well being of pregnant
women and newborns. Fourteen Achuar women and men graduated to become
“Master Trainers” and the program will be expanded this coming year.

Pachamama’s Rainforest Trips: More than 170 people experienced a
life-changing journey to the heart of the Achuar territory, connecting with the
indigenous people, the origins of The Pachamama Alliance, and the spirit
of the rainforest itself.

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