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October 22, 2010 – 3:00 pm

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The Amazing Gray Fund

April 14, 2010 – 11:28 pm

At the age of four, in 2004 Grayson started showing signs of developmental delays in preschool and displaying some avoidance behaviors. Although he was never a good sleeper it became an ongoing habit of being up in the night. When it came time for Kindergarten in August of 2005 we enrolled him in a Private School with a very structured environment hoping that it would keep him more focused in school. At his Kindergarten physical we found out that Grayson’s vision had deteriorated significantly since his last exam and he needed eye glasses. In October of his Kindergarten year it became clear that the school would not be able to accommodate his needs, so we enrolled him in a school for “Special Needs” with hopes that it would be a better fit for him.

By May of 2006, he began having a harder time at school and just focusing in general. He was having more bad nights and what I thought were nightmares, talking in his sleep about real things.  He had some vomiting which the pediatrician thought was the stomach flu, but then one morning after being up most of the night became clearly disoriented. I took him to the ER in hopes of getting more information because I knew that something was wrong. The Doctor on call decided to do a quick CT scan, even though there was no sign of head trauma and that is when we saw the mass on the scan. We spent a week in the hospital running tests; two MRI’s, two spinal taps, and more blood work that we could imagine. We knew it was a brain tumor, but the presentation was rare in that it was a diffuse infiltrative mass surrounding the optic chiasm, hypothalamus, pituitary stalk, around the brain stem; throughout the cerebellum and throughout the spine.

In June, 2006, we had an endoscopic biopsy and confirmed that it was a Diffuse Fibrillary Astrocytoma, with some features of a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, which is typically a slow growing tumor, however his was everywhere. Generally these tumors are removed surgically and then followed by chemotherapy if it is necessary. Unfortunately, he was not a candidate for surgery so we started meeting with Oncologists for chemotherapy regimens.

In July of 2006, within a week of getting our Pathology results Grayson again started showing signs of hydrocephalus, so he had his second surgery to put a shunt/valve system put in his head to manage his cerebral spinal fluid pressure. We started an oral chemotherapy regimen of Temodar at the end of July, and in August he had his third surgery to have a Port-a-Cath central line put in his chest. We could then use his central line/port to draw labs from and also administer chemotherapy through it if we started an IV chemotherapy regimen.

We spent most of the summer of 2006 swimming when he was feeling up to it and trying to have fun while I continued to send his case out to other Doctors since his tumor presentation was so rare. We received opinions from three Neuro-Oncologists and opinions from three Neurosurgeons. Typical protocol was Temodar or Carboplatin/Vincristine chemotherapy regimens. We had hoped the Temodar would start working and at least stabilize the tumor but it continued to grow. Grayson started deteriorating quickly; he was having constant headaches and nausea and vomiting. After a nuclear shunt study, CT’s, and MRI’s showing no sign of obvious pressure we were not sure what was causing the pain. He began living much of his life lying down and if he made it to school he was there with a pillow and a bowl in case he had pain and vomiting.

In January of 2007, an MRI scan showed that Grayson developed a Cerebellar compression, his cerebellum was compressed into tonsils that distended down to his C2 in the back of his neck. The MRI also showed that the tumor was still growing, it was apparent the Temodar was still not enough to keep it stable. We decided that it was time to change to the more aggressive Carboplatin/Vincristine regimen but we could not start it until after the decompression surgery. The decompression surgery would shave down his skull bone and remove the C1 in his spine to allow more room for his cerebellar tonsils, and also alleviate any pressure that was being put on his spinal cord.

In February of 2007, the morning we were scheduled to have his decompression surgery Grayson was in horrible pain. By the time we reached the hospital surgery center he was so disoriented he did not know who I was, actually he thought I was “Kim Possible”.  He became delusional and said that “Spider Man was climbing up the wall” and was pointing at him. It was by far one of the hardest things we had been through. He went into surgery and we hoped that the decompression was the answer to his pain and deteriorating condition. Initially he did very well after his surgery, he was walking 36 hours after his surgery and we only spent two days in ICU then went home to get better.

In March of 2007, he started deteriorating again. Another trip to the ER revealed that while he was off his chemotherapy to have his surgery the tumor started growing again, this time much more aggressively. It had grown between his ventricles blocking his shunt/valve system and trapped the right lateral ventricle. Again, he was back in the Operating Room to have an extension put in his shunt to alleviate his hydrocephalus. We spent nine days in ICU and during that time we started his first round of Carboplatin/Vincristine chemotherapy. When we finally got to go home, Grayson started having horrible anxiety episodes; I could not leave him to go to the kitchen. He would get up and start looking for me although he was in no shape to be walking on his own. Considering what he had been through he seemed to be doing well physically, but this was a point where we really felt like we lost a big part of our boy. Emotionally he was not the same; he had memory loss, permanent vision loss and anxiety that keep him from doing the things he once really loved.

In May of 2007, after our initial treatment round of Carboplatin/Vincristine we finally got some great news. The tumor was shrinking and Grayson seemed to be getting a little better emotionally, unfortunately he got Peripheral Neuropathy which was causing him pain and trouble walking from the Vincristine chemotherapy. At one point he was pulling himself on the floor to pieces of furniture to help him get up. We decided then to discontinue the Vincristine and continue only with the Carboplatin.

In June of 2007, we started physical/occupational therapy to help rehabilitate him. I really wanted something he would enjoy and did not want to spend yet more time at the hospital so we found a therapist that would come to the house and he did it fun, Karate Style. Grayson really took to this and loved working with “Sensai Wayne” his Occupational Therapist with Karate for All.

In July of 2007, we moved from our home in Orange County into our Auntie Tammie’s home in Studio City. With all that was going on with Grayson, we really needed the support of family. We started our chemotherapy regimen at CHLA and I began the search for therapy and schooling when I found a Pilates for Kids Program. In August of 2007, Grayson started private sessions with Nicole Brandon’s group at Artistry in Motion and he really seemed to do well with it. His mobility, strength and balance improved tremendously in just a two month period, but most importantly he loved going to the studio. He was a superstar there and everyone became to know and love him.

In October of 2007, he started at Carpenter Elementary School with a full time aide to accompany him and keep him safe throughout the day. He attended when he was feeling up to it and it helped him start developing social skills once again. He had not been in a social setting with other kids regularly since his diagnosis and his behavioral issues complicate a school environment and learning process. Grayson has lost his peripheral vision due to optic nerve damage so we are trying to teach him to learn with his “new brain” and the way he sees and processes information.  Unfortunately, Grayson started having pain episodes which landed us in the ER once again. A CT scan ruled out any immediate signs of hydrocephalus but we knew that his shunt could be failing intermittently.

In November of 2007, after over a month of horrible bouts of pain we knew we had to do something, so we decided to have surgery to either replace the shunt or the valve that may not be functioning correctly. The surgery was a best case scenario, they found the tip of the valve was clogged and that was causing the intermittent hydrocephalus pressure. Bits of tumor can float in his Cerebral Spinal Fluid and clog the valve of his shunt and cause pressure changes at any time. Grayson breezed through the surgery and came home to recuperate and enjoy the holidays. We knew we had a long healing process ahead of us because Grayson had been on chemotherapy for so long that his body could not heal itself as quickly as before. He got a minor infection in his incision just before Christmas but luckily his body finally healed itself. It took six months and daily care for his incision from this surgery completely heal.

In January of 2008, we started working with Master DonVito at Karate 4 Kids. Grayson was really missing his Karate and he had made so much progress in his Pilates that I felt it would be a bit more challenging. This has also enabled him be more in tune with his anxiety and help him control his aggression which has become more prevalent in this process.

In April of 2008, our scans showed that the tumor had begun to grow again. We had our last dose of Carboplatin on April 11 and then Grayson was on chemotherapy break. A break from the needle which he still has horrible anxiety with every week until we start our new regimen of Vinblastine.

On May 23, 2008, we had our first dose of Vinblastine. I was very hesitant to start this chemotherapy because Vincristine had caused him so much pain and neuropathy. He still has drop foot, difficulty going up and down stairs and cannot stand on his feet for any long periods of time, even after a year of trying to rehabilitate him.

In June of 2008, after his third dose of Vinblastine he started having intense pain in different parts of his body; arms, legs, stomach and his head. These have been much worse than the pains that we have been accustomed to managing with his on going chemotherapy regimen. He also developed low grade fevers and chills and my worst fear; what he calls “vibration” is back in his feet. That is the Peripheral Neuropathy that we got from the Vincristine. The episodes of pain that he has been having with this chemotherapy have been unbearable, sharp intense pains throughout his body that his heavy duty pain meds cannot relieve. His blood cell counts dropped dramatically after the second dose and more so after the third; we are now holding his chemotherapy until his body recuperates. We had another MRI which showed minimal tumor growth in some areas if any; it is always hard to be sure exactly because there are so many variables in comparing scans. This was great news considering we were off of chemotherapy for six weeks and the tumor was showing growth while on chemotherapy; however, we are still very disappointed that his body is not tolerating the Vinblastine as we had hoped.

In July of 2008, we traveled to Washington, DC and signed up for a Phase 1 Study of two drugs, Tarceva and Rapamycin. These medications have individually been proven to treat cancer cells, however we are hoping that the combination of both drugs together will be more effective. It is our hope that this treatment will not be as toxic as some of the on going chemotherapy regimens that we have been doing over the last two years.

October of 2008, we had our second stable scan. The tumor has stopped growing, we have not seen growth since the April of 2008 MRI. We have decided to discontinue with any chemotherapy regimens until we have noticable growth in his tumor. Since we have never had any hope of getting rid of his tumor we are happy to have it stabilized. Although we know the statistics say it is only a matter of time before it starts progressing again, we are happy for every day that we have “stable”.

November of 2009, we have had stable scans all year.

Recently Grayson lead his team to victory in the Ronald McDonald Walk for Kids.

Nicole and Gray. Nicole is an amazing pilates guru who was phenomenal in rehabilitating Gray after three tough back to back surgeries in 2007. It is unbelievable to see how far our boy has come.

About Artistry In Motion, Inc.

April 14, 2010 – 8:24 am

Focusing on the principles of health, healing, individual attention, wellness, fitness and personal growth, Nicole has become a forerunner in the Fitness World Today!

From her uniquely designed exercise, to the latest discoveries in Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Dance, Health, Wellness and Nutrition her workshops, seminars and Keynotes have been the most sought after programs of our time.

Nicole is known to have the Hottest Workshops in town, from Fitness Certification, to Corporate Workshops. Her popular programs on Reaching your Goals, Finances and Dreams to Pain Free Living, hit home runs every time. Nicole’s Personal Success and her extraordinary story, compels you and inspires you to have the body and the to live the life of your dreams.

Nicole is the “it” girl of today. She will challenge your body to it’s highest level of potentiality, while making you laugh and feeling better then you ever have before. Her storytelling captivates the mind and her knowledge of the body is mind boggling as she targets your problems with effortless ease. Nicole explains, “it’s just like Christmas lights, I’m simply untangling the knots so you can shine like you’ve never shone before”.

In her spare time Nicole races sailboats, rides bareback horses, flies on the high wire trapeze, dances whenever she hears music and takes every opportunity to teach people about the magic and unlimited power of their body, guiding everyone she meets, to a healthier and a happier life. Nicole is currently writing books and traveling the world speaking and teaching on the “Art of the Possible’

Nicole calls the tapestry and colors of her life “Artistry In Motion” which is of course, the way she lives!

News for April

April 10, 2010 – 4:29 pm

- All of our Artistry In Motion products have been posted and are now online and available for purchase. You can visit this link or go to the “Products” page to check them all out!

- We have reduced the price on all of our DVD’s, BOOK’s, and AUDIO CD’s.

- All of our Pilates information on our Services Page has been updated!

- New Post On Nicole Brandon’s Personal Blog

- Check out photos from the “Ronald McDonald Walk for Kids” event.

- The Bounce Back Fitness Chair is now available for purchase on our website.

Four Years Go!

March 26, 2010 – 11:44 am

Dear Pachamama Allies,

The Pachamama Alliance has exciting news! A new initiative is emerging. Because what we do in the next four years can determine the quality of life for the next thousand, and because there is still time to act, but no time to waste — We are launching a global campaign to shift humanity onto a sustainable, just and fulfilling path by 2014: FOUR YEARS. GO.


Take three minutes to watch this and learn more.


FOUR YEARS. GO. wants your support too. We have an extraordinary opportunity, at a unique moment in history, to bring something powerful, life affirming and momentous into being. Let’s lead by example and take the first steps together. Click here and declare what you’re going to do.


Take part in a Social Media Crash Course and Online Rally Training webinar on Thursday, March 18th, to prepare for an online rally Tuesday, March 23. Click here for details and to register.

FOUR YEARS. GO. is not a new organization. It is a goal—a rallying call—for a growing worldwide coalition of leading organizations and individuals committed to building a sustainable, just and fulfilling world. The impetus and stewardship of this new initiative comes from The Pachamama Alliance, in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, P:5Y—Peace in Five Years, the 2020 Fund, and more than 450 allied organizations.

A campaign to shift humanity onto a sustainable, just, and fulfilling path … by 14 February 2014.

In partnership,

The FOUR YEARS. GO. team

Secret Life Of Girls

March 12, 2010 – 9:33 am

Laguna Playhouse Parents and teenagers can learn more about the solutions to emotional bullying in schools at a performance of The Secret Life of Girls, a play by Linda Daugherty, directed by Donna Inglima, and presented by The Laguna Playhouse’s Theatre for a New Generation on March 9 through 11. Experts on the topic were guest speak…ers for special “Stage Talks” following each evening performance.

The Secret Life of Girls follows Abby, a new girl in town who tries to find acceptance on her school’s championship volleyball team. She encounters Stephanie, the most popular girl in school, who uses her friendship as a weapon of manipulation by pretending to be friends with a girl one day and then backstabbing her the next.

Rainforest Journey Dates

March 11, 2010 – 3:15 pm

2010 Rainforest Journey Trip Dates:

January 8 – 21, 2010
French Speaking Immersion
Trip Price $2,750

March 18 – 29, 2010
Japanese Symposium Facilitators

March 25 – April 5, 2010
Trip Price $2,775

April 16 – 26, 2010
Leadership Journey to Ecuador
in collaboration with Ascent Institute

May 13 – 24, 2010
Trip Price $2,775

June 3 – 14, 2010
Journey for Symposium Facilitator Training Leaders
Trip Price $2,775
Training Leaders and Facilitators $2,475
Please note that this journey is open to Training Leaders through March 1, followed by Facilitators through April 1, and then to the general public.

June 10 – 21, 2010
Trip Price $2,775

June 17 – 28, 2010
Rainforest Journey for Leadership Coaches
in collaboration with The Nebo Company
Trip Price $3,850

July 8 – 19, 2010
Trip Price $2,775

July 22 – August 2, 2010
Business Leader’s Rainforest Journey
in collaboration with Business Trex
Trip Price $3,995

August 18 – 30, 2010
Healing and Restoration Immersion in collaboration
with author/teacher/mystic Andrew Harvey
and acclaimed Yoga teacher Karuna Erickson
Trip Price $3,745

October 7 – 18, 2010
Trip Price $2,775

November 4 – 15, 2010
A Women’s Journey
Trip Price $2,775

Note: The cost of the trip includes all expenses within Ecuador (food, double accommodations, travel, guides and equipment) but does not include air travel to and from Ecuador or gratuities. Dates, prices, and itineraries are subject to change.

Some partial scholarships are available. We also offer a $300 discount to active Awakening the Dreamer Facilitators.

Email for more information.
Or visit

Awakening the Dreamer

March 11, 2010 – 3:08 pm

Awakening the Dreamer

Changing the Dream Program
2009 Highlights

Symposium Growth Continues: In the four years since the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream (ATD) Symposium was first presented in San Francisco, the Symposium has been delivered in seven languages to over 50,000 people on six continents in over 40 countries. There are more than 32 active ATD community groups around the world.

International Expansion: Responding to demand from around the globe, ATD Symposiums, Facilitator Trainings, or both were presented in 20 countries (that we know about) this year: South Africa, Ghana, Australia, the U.K., India, Thailand, Malaysia, China, The Philippines, Canada, Peru, Algeria (by invitation to a Muslim conference), Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

Facilitator Training Demand Continues to Increase: Four years ago there were 44 trained Symposium facilitators; today more than 2,000 volunteers around the globe are trained to facilitate the delivery of Symposiums in their communities. Responding to the increasing demand for trainings, this year a new “training leaders” training program was launched, with 45 participants from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

Youth Leaders Step Forward: Interest in Youth Symposiums has skyrocketed. High schools and universities have begun including the Symposium in their curricula, and young people are taking on creative educational projects using ATD, including a bus tour with mobile classrooms, and climate-awareness bike treks. Over 20 young people from ages 17 to 31 participated in the first-ever Youth Facilitator Training in New Mexico.

Global Gathering of Facilitators: The Awakening the Dreamer facilitator community around the world connected over two days through a series of electronically linked events this fall where participants shared experiences, learnings and enthusiasm.

New Symposium Version Launched: As part of a continuing process of updating and refining the content of the Symposium, the eighth version of the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium is now being made available to facilitators around the world. In response to the rapidly growing global community of facilitators, the new version is more international and designed to be an effective cross-cultural tool readily adaptable to local audiences. It has been enriched with updated information on the current world situation, and includes 26 additional global speakers and inspiring new footage.

The mission of The Pachamama Alliance is to preserve the earth’s tropical forests by empowering the indigenous people who are its natural custodians; and to contribute to the creation of a new global vision of equity and sustainability for all.

For more information please visit:

Pachamama Alliance Luncheon

March 11, 2010 – 1:48 am

More than 1300 participants arrived to make this luncheon a spectacular one:

To watch a the full video, click here:

Rights for Nature: Following its groundbreaking success last year in
championing the inclusion of legal Rights for Nature in Ecuador’s new
Constitution, Pachamama, in partnership with the Community of Andean Nations,
has initiated a campaign to have Rights for Nature adopted into the legal
structures of the other Andean nations of Columbia, Peru and Bolivia.

Climate Change: Pachamama participated, and insured that indigenous voices
were involved, in a series of Amazonian regional workshops and international
conferences in Norway, Germany and Thailand in the lead-up to the UN Climate
Change Conference in Copenhagen this December.

Cross-Border Network: Pachamama hosted the first official meeting of the
Cross-Border Network, bringing together indigenous peoples whose territories
span the borders of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil to discuss complex
common issues of security and environmental protection.

Eco-Tourism: Pachamama provided training for the Achuar in financial and
natural resource management aspects of eco-tourism and the financial support for
the first group of Achuar students to complete a two-year university program in
eco-tourism management. These graduates will play key roles in the future
leadership of the Achuar’s award winning eco-tourism lodge, Kapawi.

Fish Farming: Pachamama supported the initiation and construction of fish farm
projects in 14 communities in Ecuador’s Amazon, promoting economic
development and food sovereignty for the region.

New Money Systems: In order to spur regional economic activity, Pachamama
launched a project in partnership with Ecuador’s largest national network of credit
co-operatives to build a local alternative exchange/money system, complementary
to the official US dollar.

Jungle Mamas: Pachamama completed the first phase of a training program on
maternal health, designed to ensure safe birthing and the well being of pregnant
women and newborns. Fourteen Achuar women and men graduated to become
“Master Trainers” and the program will be expanded this coming year.

Pachamama’s Rainforest Trips: More than 170 people experienced a
life-changing journey to the heart of the Achuar territory, connecting with the
indigenous people, the origins of The Pachamama Alliance, and the spirit
of the rainforest itself.

Transformational Leadership Council

March 10, 2010 – 11:05 pm

Nicole Brandon

Physical Transformation – Master Instructor

Nicole Brandon is the human embodiment of a kaleidoscope changing color, light, shades and forms with the mere perspective in which you peer and view.

Nicole is the CEO and Founder of “Artistry In Motion, A.I.M. for Excellence.” Nicole is a moving and powerful speaker across the globe on “The miracle of healing, health, wellness, and walking through walls.”

Nicole single-handedly teaches people to turn every barrier, every wall and every hurdle into a gate. Her team of renowned health professionals hit home runs at financial seminars and extravaganzas. After all, if you don’t have your health, how can you make your fortune and achieve all of your dreams and goals? If you’re not in your body and just in your head, how can you move mountains, reach great heights, and soar to your dreams?

Today She looks for fabulous opportunities to move people forward, to teach flight and the “Art of the Impossible.” Nicole chooses to live all her colors in one rich tapestry she calls her magical, enchanted, life. Nicole is currently writing books and motivationally speaking across the globe, teaching magic, miracles and of course “Artistry In Motion” which is the way she lives…

The Transformational Leadership Council was founded so leaders of personal and organizational transformation could support each other in their contributions to the world.

Members of the TLC are leaders in their field and are composed of CEOs, trainers, facilitators, thought leaders, authors, movie producers and directors, and coaches. Members are focused on transformational leadership and deliver their work in the world through workshops, trainings, seminars, books, films, speaking engagements, coaching sessions, TV and radio shows, and special events.

For more information visit:

The Pachamama Alliance

March 10, 2010 – 10:12 pm

The Pachamama Alliance -

In recent years concern over the destruction of the world’s tropical rainforests has reached global proportions. Alarm about the extinction of species, the permanent loss of potentially life-saving medicinal plants, the irreversible damage to the delicate balance of the Earth’s climate control system and the tragic disappearance of indigenous cultures has captured the attention of millions of people around the world.

Hundreds of organizations have formed and are doing important work addressing virtually every level of the problem. And yet, rainforests continue to fall, by some estimates at the rate of 10 million trees per day. Despite our best efforts, the disappearance of our tropical rainforests, like many other global economic, social and environmental crises, seems beyond our ability to control. Obviously something more is needed.
The destruction of the world’s rainforests is driven by a complex web of social and economic forces, many of these a logical result of modern society’s worldview — a view that, although rich in technological insight, is often ignorant of the value of nature’s apparently free and limitless services. It is a view guided by maximum short-term financial gain while disregarding the long-term costs of ecological degradation. It is a worldview in which tropical forests can show up as a cash crop to be harvested rather than as an irreplaceable ecosystem to be protected. This is not, however, the only worldview. After centuries of living in harmony with their environment, indigenous cultures see things very differently. They are informed and guided by the knowledge and spirit imbedded in nature. Rather than viewing the natural world as a collection of separate elements from which humans are apart, they recognize all of creation as an interconnected web, and each of us as an integral element in this miraculous and fragile weave of life. The Pachamama Alliance believes that our ability to meet the challenges that face humanity as we make the transition to the next millennium, depends on our ability to successfully combine the best elements of these two worldviews into a single global vision, an alloy that blends the intellectual and scientific prowess of the modern world, with the deep and ancient wisdom of traditional cultures. This is the commitment which underlies the work of The Pachamama Alliance.

The Origins of The Pachamama Alliance

The Pachamama Alliance is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization that was born out of a relationship developed between a group of people from the modern world and the leaders of remote indigenous groups in the Amazon region of Ecuador. This relationship was actually initiated by the indigenous elders and shamans themselves who, out of their deep concern for the growing threat to their ancient way of life, and their recognition that the roots of this threat lay far beyond their rainforest home, actively sought the partnership of committed individuals living in the modern world.

Pachamama’s Work

The Pachamama Alliance is based on the recognition that those of us in the modern world share a deep connection with the people who call the rainforest their home-each of us having a critical stake in the health and well being of this vital element in our global life support system. We also recognize that indigenous people are the rainforests’ natural custodians, and therefore, key strategies of our alliance focus on strengthening their culture and empowering their ability to stand for and represent their own interests.

Another underlying principal of our alliance is based on the recognition of the pervasive role economics plays in the fate of our rainforests. It is generally agreed that the Earth’s tropical rainforests are its most valuable ecosystem. Yet, in the economic equations which shape decisions regarding the use of the Earth’s resources, rainforests seldom show up as adding any value simply remaining in their natural state. Also, the direct costs to society of having to use technology to replace the environmental services nature provides are seldom considered.

Pachamama has a commitment both to develop tangible, real-life projects through which rainforests provide more direct economic benefit standing than cut as well as to broaden the general economic view so that the value of standing rainforests and the costs associated with their destruction are measured and counted. Our work takes place in two distinct program areas: social and economic development projects in the South and education and awareness building in the North.

Our Work with the Achuar

The initial work of Pachamama is being carried out in partnership with the Achuar, an indigenous group living in the Amazon basin in southeastern Ecuador. They are a nation of approximately 3,500 people occupying nearly 2 million acres of pristine tropical rainforest in one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world. Their territory is accessible only by small airplane landing on dirt runways cleared from the forest. This remoteness has been a blessing in that, thus far, no mining, lumber or petroleum interests have operated in the Achuar territory. As a result, the rich diversity of the rainforest has remained intact and virtually untouched, one of the last such treasures left on Earth. The Achuar realize they are not immune from the economic appetite and materialistic allure of the modern world. Petroleum interests are eyeing their vast unexplored lands and, even though there has been only a limited exposure to a western money-based economy, a small and growing need for currency has taken hold. The Achuar now find themselves facing internal pressure to clear parts of their rainforest lands to introduce cash crops and to raise cattle.

The Achuar Master Plan

One of the first initiatives to evolve from the Achuar’s request for support is the development and implementation of an integrated resource management plan for their territory. The goal of this master plan is to insure the long-term well being of the Achuar lands and culture. We in The Pachamama Alliance are their key partners in this effort.

The Pachamama Alliance’s primary role with the Achuar is to provide access to technical expertise and funding to support them with the design and implementation of a variety of projects integrated within their master plan. These projects include:

  • Developing sustainable economic enterprises based on the renewable resources of the land
  • Capturing and recording traditional Achuar knowledge and supporting the empowerment and revitalization of traditional indigenous education and healing practices
  • Strengthening the Achuar’s ability to defend their lands against outside encroachment, including demarcation, mapping, and legal work to secure clear title to land
  • Supporting initiatives that strengthen their governing federation and its leadership
Education and Awareness

A consistent message that has been delivered by the leaders of indigenous groups is that one of the most powerful actions that can be taken in support of the rainforest is to “change the dream of the North.” Projects that halt deforestation are timely and critical but only deal with the symptom of a more fundamental imbalance. Ultimately, to assure the survival of our rainforests-indeed of nature’s ecosystems and even ourselves-causes which are deeply rooted in our modern worldview need to be addressed. Historically, our record of dealing with issues of environmental degradation provides little basis for optimism in the face of this challenge. Yet, the historical record is the product of a different time. Technology now supplies instantaneous feedback on the consequences of our actions and forces us to come to grips with the reality of living in the closed, interconnected system we call life on Earth. The growing sense of wonder and appreciation we feel for the very same natural systems that we now see our actions destroy provides the basis for hope. There is a new possibility that the future will not be an extension of our past. We have an unprecedented opportunity to live from a new vision-one formed from the intersection of our technological prowess and a new respect for the Earth.

Pachamama is committed to strengthen and clarify this vision and to being a clearinghouse of new ideas and information that will alter our perspectives and, ultimately, our behavior. The Pachamama Alliance is a place for individuals to take a stand of personal responsibility for the well being of the Earth’s global commons. We invite you to join us.

For more information visit:

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March 10, 2010 – 10:05 pm

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