About Artistry In Motion, Inc.

April 14, 2010 – 8:24 am

Focusing on the principles of health, healing, individual attention, wellness, fitness and personal growth, Nicole has become a forerunner in the Fitness World Today!

From her uniquely designed exercise, to the latest discoveries in Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Dance, Health, Wellness and Nutrition her workshops, seminars and Keynotes have been the most sought after programs of our time.

Nicole is known to have the Hottest Workshops in town, from Fitness Certification, to Corporate Workshops. Her popular programs on Reaching your Goals, Finances and Dreams to Pain Free Living, hit home runs every time. Nicole’s Personal Success and her extraordinary story, compels you and inspires you to have the body and the to live the life of your dreams.

Nicole is the “it” girl of today. She will challenge your body to it’s highest level of potentiality, while making you laugh and feeling better then you ever have before. Her storytelling captivates the mind and her knowledge of the body is mind boggling as she targets your problems with effortless ease. Nicole explains, “it’s just like Christmas lights, I’m simply untangling the knots so you can shine like you’ve never shone before”.

In her spare time Nicole races sailboats, rides bareback horses, flies on the high wire trapeze, dances whenever she hears music and takes every opportunity to teach people about the magic and unlimited power of their body, guiding everyone she meets, to a healthier and a happier life. Nicole is currently writing books and traveling the world speaking and teaching on the “Art of the Possible’

Nicole calls the tapestry and colors of her life “Artistry In Motion” which is of course, the way she lives!

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